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80mm Grip-a-Disc 180 grit discs x 5
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Product Code: VSM1510

80mm Grip-a-Disc

180 Grit Discs x 5

Pack of five 8mm thick foam backed 180 grit abrasive pads for the Grip-a-Disc sanding system.

Power sanding of bowls and platters is now recognised as having the advantages of reducing grit marks, heat build-up and time spent sanding. This system is designed to be used in a power drill but can also be used in the Sorby Sandmaster.
To start, you will need a Gripper Holder and a series of discs. Avoid leaving the pads laying around without a disc affixed as dust build-up on the hook & loop will lessen the grip. A simple system is to make a block with holes for the shafts and have separate Gripper Holder for each grit size used. It only takes a second or two to change the pads in the chuck.
In use with a power drill, it is simply a case of presenting the spinning pad to the spinning bowl/platter so that the cutting portion of the pad is going the opposite way to the bowl/platter. Can be used on spindle work but care must be taken not to sand away fine detail.
In practice, with the lathe running inboard (anti-clockwise) at low speed, and viewing the spinning piece as a clock, work from the centre of the piece towards the ‘7 to 8 o’clock area’, tilting the pad so that the matching area is in contact with the wood. Grip-a-Disc uses 8mm soft foam backed discs and a rigid hook & loop drill pad - the Gripper Holder.
This system helps dissipate the heat more easily and conforms easily to contours and shapes. For this reason, some turners have started using the 80mm pads on spindle work, by hand, without the Gripper.
Use with a light touch to reduce heat build up which may produce checks in the wood.

As with all abrasives, it is important to work through successive grits as skipping a grade will leave grit marks which show when a shine is applied.

A 45mm Gripper Holder is used with 50mm pads and a 75mm version with the 80mm pads.

Sanding Disc/Belt Cleaners really do work and your discs work better and last longer!
Clean the clogged discs by trying to sand the cleaner and see the result.
I cut a piece (about one third) off the cleaner and Zap glue it to the lathe, then use the remaining piece in a vice to clean sanding belts.

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80mm Grip-a-Disc 180 grit discs x 5£4.54£5.45

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