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Red Goldfield Burr
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Product Code: RGF_MST

Red Goldfield Burr

Whole washed Red Goldfield Burrs.


Species include an eclectic mix of the list below and there are variations in the colours, even within each type:


Red Mallee – Eucalyptus socialis

Red Fruited Mallee – Eucalyptus corrugata

Vasticola – Eucalyptus formanii


Our burrs are weighed accurately when they arrive at the timber yard of our supplier, direct from the field on scales that are regularly checked against Australian Government trading standards.


We have deliberately selected a range of burrs that fall within a 1 to 6 kg weight range, so that most medium lathes will handle the imbalance created by these unique, irregular lumps.

Please do not ask us to send pictures of individual burrs as we are not set up for it and there are so many.


Rather than selling individual burrs we sell them within a weight range.

The price shown for each range is for the heaviest in that range so if we select a burr say, half way in the range, the price will be reduced pro rata.
As an example, if you pick a burr in the 3.1 to 4 kg range, only a 4 kg burr would be charged at the price shown.  Lower weights in the range will accordingly be charged lower when we process the order manually in the shop.


Read our safety notice on timber allergies


TitleEx. VATInc. VATQtyBuy
Red Goldfield Burr in Weight Range 2.1 to 3 kg£29.75£35.70
Red Goldfield Burr in Weight Range 3.1 to 4 kg£39.67£47.60
Red Goldfield Burr in Weight Range 4.1 to 5 kg£49.58£59.50
Red Goldfield Burr in Weight Range 5.1 to 6 kg£59.50£71.40
Red Goldfield Burr in Weight Range 6.1 to 7 kg£69.42£83.30
Red Goldfield Burr in Weight Range 7.1 to 8 kg£79.33£95.20

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