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False Acacia Spindle Blanks
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Product Code: FALSB_MST

False Acacia Spindle Blanks

Robina pseudoacacia. Air and kiln dried.
All dimensions shown are in inches (length x square).

Acacia (or False Acacia) rarely grows large or straight in the UK. Flutes, gnarls and low forking are common, so wide planks are rare.

The sapwood is narrow and pale cream in colour when first cut, with pale to brownish green heartwood similar to Mulberry and even Laburnum at times, but with a grain as prominent as Ash.

Every book we have ever seen describes this timber as being unstable and prone to cracking, so we can only assume that every author copied from one who had never milled any! A greatly under rated timber, it is a very durable, stable timber that dries easily and is suitable for many turning uses - bowls, boxes, spindles etc.

It’s like Ash with attitude! Slightly coarse and hard, but turns and sands well and takes finishing products very well. There is almost a translucence to the grain which can be brought out with a high shine from lacquers etc. For a satin finish use oils and paste wax.

High tannic acid content (like Oak, Sweet Chestnut and Walnut) makes this timber perfect for fuming.

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TitleEx. VATInc. VATQtyBuy
False Acacia Spindle Blank 6 x 2 sq£1.13£1.35
False Acacia Spindle Blank 12 x 2 sq£2.21£2.65
False Acacia Spindle Blank 18 x 2 sq£3.33£4.00

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