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Dawn Morgan's review of the PyroMaster & Fire Writer

We asked artist Dawn for her opinion of these machines before adding them to our range.
Dawn works in all mediums from stage scenery to intricately detailed painting and pyrography work and holds occasional pyrography courses for us. Her work shows her expertise better than we can describe it.
This machine is easy and comfortable to use and it has the asset of a handle that remains cool during the whole time that procedures are carried out.
It has a protective guard as an additional safety measure and with 18 variable pattern shapes, it gives plenty of scope for creative designs.
As with any machine, practice makes perfect and it does take a little while and a few attempts to ascertain the correct amount of pressure to use and the amount if time to keep the tool in place on the wood to get the best results.
I found it was better on No1 than No2 as the latter tended to give a scorched effect. I thought this machine had a lot of potential and I was stimulated to continue to exploit its possibilities.
Fire Writer
This is a compact, well designed piece of equipment which is excellent for both lettering and drawing. The varying thicknesses of the wire and the range of temperatures makes it very versatile and enables one to use it to the best advantage on different types of wood.
This also allows one to be very creative regarding textures and a multitude of effects can be achieved by angling the tips in different ways for stippling, shading etc.
The thicker wires are particularly suitable for larger pieces of work or darker or more dramatic effects.
I found that the tool was most satisfactory at 5 on small and medium size pieces of work and I increased the temperature for larger scaled designs.
The only criticism I have of this tool is that the screws holding the wire in place are so small (although I appreciate that this is necessary) but it makes changing the wire rather tricky and time consuming.

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