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Delivery of our 2018 catalogue should be completed by Royal Mail during the week commencing January 8th
They are delivering two pallets direct from our printers and we have a third pallet here for catalogue requests during the year.
If you are a member of a turning club and would like us to send out a bundle of catalogues for your members, please contact us.
As happens every year, suppliers come and go, we drop a few products and take on few new ones and with the incremental expansion that has been our way for over twenty years now, we somehow find new display space in our bulging shop.
 So what’s new for 2018?
Gordon Blake is our new part-time team member giving us a total of seven bods scurrying around like ants now.
OK, he’s not so new but like Mike, Sadie and Aldred, made the mistake of coming into the shop as a regular customer then got lumbered with a job and is woodturning nuts, both essential qualifications here.
In terms of new blanks, we have added Spalted Beech, Cedar, English Walnut and Norway Maple to our range.
Spalted Beech
English Walnut
Norway Maple
 Lower Crushgrind® prices.
As  Main UK stockists for CrushGrind® mills we have been able to reduce prices and this year are offering a further 10% discount on any mix of ten mill mechanisms, in the catalogue and online.
We have also added the 284mm mechanisms to complete the range.
Please note that we only sell genuine CrushGrind® mills.
 Milliput Two-Part Epoxy Putty
It seems that the whole world knew about Milliput two-part putty, except us.
We were introduced to it then looked around, was told about Jimson’s Stuff on YouTube and wondered why the rest of the turning world are not talking about it as a way of embellishing rims and the sides of bowls and boxes by those looking to add an extra feature.
Search Jimson’s Stuff on YouTube to see some very relaxed and informative videos on the subject.
 And there are more  . . . but we'll not load your screen with more images:
From Planet,  Drive Centres, Tail Centres plus the new Bar-Man Clamps.
From Liberon the full range of Gilt Creams and their Water Based Dyes.
Two new bandsaws from Record Power, the Sabre 350 and Sabre 450.
Galaxi and 1624 II lathes from Nova with FREE CHUCK OFFER!
And finally, do take a browse of our Clearance/End of Line pages.
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  Spalted Hornbeam & Spalted Beech

Spalted Hornbeam is probably the most spectacular of the spalted timbers we produce.
Rarely available in large quantities or sizes, this batch is from around 3 tonnes we laid up in 2016 and milled last winter. Available spindle squares.
Once it has sold, it will be some time before we can offer more.
Spalted Beech.

The most well-known of the spalted timbers, last winter we started milling the 60 tonne parcel we bought in a few years back and have since bought more in an effort to keep up with demand. Available in circular discs and spindle squares.

Limited amounts in the bigger sizes at the moment but we are working our way through it and have a large display in the shop

There was only one large blank from the whole batch and it had a few cracks. 

Guess who nicked it!

16" x 3", this dish is now on display in the shop.

  New NOVA 1624 II 
Nova have updated and brought back the 1624.
Formerly the 3000 and then the 1624-48, if the Galaxi is the automatic Range Rover of the lathe world, this 1.5hp machine must surely be the Land Rover Defender!
Solid cast and old fashioned reliable.
To kick off the new promotion, we can offer the Nova 1624 II lathe with a FREE Nova G3 chuck for only £1100.00 plus carriage if appropriate.
Click For Bigger Image
We still have the Nova Galaxi at £2400.00 plus delivery and you can see Dave playing with his new one on our YouTube channel.
That’s all for now folks, knee deep shavings to all!
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